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Cycling is a great way to get around and discover many exciting things old and new in the city of Tokyo. Let's get on the bicycle and head out !


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September 12, 2015

Tokyo Cycling with Guest Riders

After a week of HEAVY rain, we were able to ride together with friends from Hong Kong on a VERRRY sunny Saturday. They must have had alot of luck with them ! :-)

Today's route....
MUJI Yurakucho
->Tsukiji Fish Market
->Imperial Palaca
->MUJI Yurakucho

January 3, 2015

Japan is Beautiful

January 1, 2015


December 14, 2014

Guided Ride, Dec. 14

Two ladies from Hong Kong wer the guests for our casual ride today in central Tokyo.

They found us through an articel by Weekend Weekly, a travel magazine published in Hong Kong. The magazine came to us in October 2011 when we took them around Tokyo on bicycles.

Though it was a cold day, we were able to feel some warmth under the sun in some places along the way. Everyone did opt for warm udon noodles for for lunch, then Taiyaki for dessert.