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TOKYO Railway Information- March 14

Due to the shortage of power, major railways will limit transportation.
Below are just a few of the train information. Please be aware of the latest information.

  • Odakyu : Between Shinjuku-Kyodo only all day. No trains westward of Kyodo.

  • Keio (Keio Line, Inogashira Line): 50% of usual operation. No trains westward of Chofu 9:00-13:30, and 18:00-22:00

  • Toyoko Line : 70% of usual operation. No express. No trains westward of Musashi Kosugi 12:00-17:00, no connection with the Hibiya-Line

  • DenenToshi-Line : 50% of usual operation. No experss. No trains 13:30-17:00 No trains westward of Azamino17:30-19:00

  • JR : All trains stopped all day excluding the following - Yamanote line, Chuo Kaisoku(Tokyo-Tachikawa), Keihin-Tohoko Line (Kamata-Akabane), Joban Kaisoku Line(Ueno-Matsudo), Joban Line (Ayase-Matsudo), Joetsu Shinkansen (Tokyo-Niigata), Nagano Shinkansen(Tokyo-Nagano)


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