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November 16, 2009

Motegi 7 hours Enduro, 01-Nov-2009

On Nov 1st, I rode my recumbent at the Twin Ring Motegi. It was the "Motegi 7 hours Enduro".

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March 30, 2010

Let's ride together!

We rode around Roppongi-Aoyama Area with a guest last Sunday.
I show you it as a sample of guided tour.

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October 15, 2011

Riding with Lim-san

This September, we had an occasion to ride around Tokyo for half a day with Dr.Lim Seh Guan, from Penang, Malaysia.
Dr. Lim is the chairman of G Club Penang Cyclists, a very active cycling club in Penang. They organise monthly rides to encourage people to cycle and we are also were the organiser for the PENANG ROUND ISLAND CAMPAIGN FOR A LANE event, attracting 3066 cyclists this year.
Naturally, a very good cyclist Lim-san was, on his first "Mama-chari" !


We started from MUJI Yurakucho where we rented the Mama-chari bike, then took a route close to the eastern half of our Asakusa-Aoyama Ride

Tsukiji- Fish Market was very crowded being a Saturday (Tsukiji on Sundays are very quite), and business was lively. After a beautiful open view of the Tokyo Bay from Toyomi Pier, we headed for Tsukuda-Jima to feel the old Tokyo atmosphere, then headed north along the river to Ryogoku.


Upon arriving at Ryogoku, we were greeted by many spectators and colorful flags representing Sumo wrestlers in front of the Ryogoku Stadium, since it was tournament week. We were also
fortunate to meet several Sumo wrestlers entering the Ryogoku Stadium.
Yes, you can meet Sumo wrestlers live, if you're there at the right timing.


A short half day ride, but a good and fun one with Lim-san. And the weather was just perfect too !
Even just half a day on the bicycle will add a very good experience to your trip to Tokyo.
I think it did for Lim-san.

Don't forget the G Club Penang Cyclists when you go to Malaysia. They do guided rides too.

December 11, 2011

BIke Ride 10-Dec-2011

We ride with 2 Malaysians. We rent bikes and started from Nezu.

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January 9, 2012

BIke Ride 25-Dec-2011

We rode with a Singaporean young couple on their honeymoon. We rent hybrid bikes and started from Nezu same as usual.

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January 15, 2012

Bike Ride 14-Jan-2012 (and Happy New Year !)

Happy New Year, from Cycle Tokyo!

To start our activity off for ' 2012 we went riding together yesterday with Phil-san from Scotland.
Since Phil-san had brought his foldable Brompton with him, we decided go out of Tokyo, take our bikes on the train and ride around Kamakura.

Getting off at Kita-Kamakura, we visited a couple of temples, went for Ton-Katsu Lunch, rode along the shoreline on Route 134, had some Japanese confectionary, then topped the clear winter day off with... very nice shaved ice, of course in a warm and cozy room. Sounds interesting, heh ?

Ride was based on the route below.

View Kamakura Excursion Course in a larger map

August 25, 2013

Facebook Post from Taiwoon

It looks like we are now able to embed Facebook postings to external websites.

Here's a recent post to our Facebook page from Taiwoon, who we rode with in '2011

December 14, 2014

Guided Ride, Dec. 14

Two ladies from Hong Kong wer the guests for our casual ride today in central Tokyo.

They found us through an articel by Weekend Weekly, a travel magazine published in Hong Kong. The magazine came to us in October 2011 when we took them around Tokyo on bicycles.

Though it was a cold day, we were able to feel some warmth under the sun in some places along the way. Everyone did opt for warm udon noodles for for lunch, then Taiyaki for dessert.




September 12, 2015

Tokyo Cycling with Guest Riders

After a week of HEAVY rain, we were able to ride together with friends from Hong Kong on a VERRRY sunny Saturday. They must have had alot of luck with them ! :-)

Today's route....
MUJI Yurakucho
->Tsukiji Fish Market
->Imperial Palaca
->MUJI Yurakucho

May 22, 2016

Sunny Spring Ride

July 11, 2016

Guide on July 10

August 26, 2016

Guide on August 14

October 30, 2016

Guide, Oct 30

August 7, 2017

Guide, July 23

January 7, 2018

Ride with Robert, Jan.7

April 1, 2018

Ride with Aaron

September 24, 2018

Sept.21 Ride with Japan Cycle Tours Group

December 13, 2018

BIKI (Bike Share in Honolulu)


There were more than few rental bicycle shops in Honolulu from before mainly targeted for tourists. Now Honolulu has a public bike share service called BIKI ( and local residents as well as tourists can easily and usefully use bicycles for a reasonable price. Moving around Honolulu outside of Waikiki is actualy efficient by bicycle.

Biki is very "American" by the fact that everything is taken care of with a credit card.Initial registration and requesting the rental,managing the rental time,locking/unlocking of a bike, as well as the payment(naturally) is all associated with the credit card used at registeration. At any BIKI cyce station located within Honolulu, you can drrop off or re-rent the bike using the registered credit card. The hub internal geared 3 speed bicycle equipped with front/bak lights and a simple front carrier is sturdy but heavy. All the bikes seem to be well maintenainced and is well enough to use for city use. The bikes are fitted with long seat posts to handle tall riders...something that a bike share service in the city coming up with the Olympics should refer to and take into account....thos seatposts are way too short DOCOMO-San !

It was noticable that the service is well sunk in to the comminity seeing not only the tourists but many local residents were making use of this bikeshare service.

181201biki3.jpg 181201biki4.jpg

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